Tell Arizona Legislators to Stop Hindering Vaccine Exemptions!

A bill before the Arizona legislature, HB2846, would require written certification signed by a guardian and a health professional on an annual basis in order to claim any exemption, whether religious, medical, or philosophical.

Many states offer philosophical or religious exemptions from compulsory vaccination. In some states, religious exceptions include personal religious beliefs, whereas other states require the individual to be a member of a religion whose written texts explicitly prohibit invasive medical procedures. Even in states with exemptions, there are generally only two options: be vaccinated on the schedule recommended by CDC, or else get no vaccines at all. These laws do not allow for modified vaccine schedules or selectively vaccinating for some, but not other diseases.

The government shouldn’t make it so difficult to get an exemption. If you are an Arizona resident, please contact your legislator today and oppose this bill!


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Oppose HB2846, relating to School Immunizations

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to voice my strongest possible opposition to HB2846. While the bill would still allow exemptions (whether religious, medical, or philosophical) from mandatory immunizations for students, it would require written certification signed by a guardian and a health professional on an annual basis in order to claim any exemption.

Why would one's religious, medical, or philosophical objection to immunizations change from one year to the next? Why would you require that certification is made every single year? This is an absurd and egregious attempt to hinder exemptions, and you are doing a grave disservice to your constituents.

I know that the vaccination question is a hotly debated topic, even in the medical community. Many parents are concerned that some vaccines are unsafe because they may contain harmful ingredients like mercury or aluminum. Others believe the overloading of a young immune system with so many vaccines at once causes genetic changes. Some generally support vaccinations but wish there were more scientific clarity.

But I think we all can agree that we need to allow people to make informed choices for themselves and their families. Please oppose requirement in HB2846 to bring new written certification for vaccine exemption every single year. Make the freedom of healthcare choice easy and straightforward.

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