Stop the Power Grab by the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources!

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources has issued an Invasive Species Order, supposedly to help stop the spread of feral swine. But in the order, the swine are identified by such ubiquitous characteristics that most any open-range pigs, especially heritage breeds raised on small family farms, are defined as illegal “invasive species” and are thus unjustly threatened with eradication.

Possession of these animals carry up to a two-year jail sentence and $20,000 in fines, and the ISO allows DNR to seize and destroy heritage breeds of pigs raised by Michigan farmers—without compensation. These are the same pigs that farmers and ranchers in Michigan have been raising for decades, and many believe that the conventional pork industry is using the ISO to wipe out its competition of local, specialty ranchers and farmers.

Ask Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan legislators to repeal the Invasive Species Order and support the heritage breeds of pigs being raised by small farmers.

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