Tell USDA that Nanotechnology Has No Place in Organic Foods!

FDA has just released a draft guidance to industry warning that there could be safety issues with the use of nanotechnology. We know that engineered nanoparticles are more reactive and potentially more toxic; are often less stable; have the potential to pass the blood-brain barrier and the placental barrier; can migrate to different tissues and organs; and can increase the bioavailability of other chemicals, such as toxins.

Nanotechnology is the antithesis of organic food. There is, however, no guarantee that nanotechnology isn’t in organic products. While the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) recommends that USDA prohibit nanomaterials from certified organic foods, USDA’s National Organic Program has not yet fully implemented and enforced this recommendation.

Please contact the USDA immediately and explain why this is so important!

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  • Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
  • National Organic Standards Board, USDA
  • National Organic Program, USDA


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