Is Your State Medical Board in Bed with the FSMB?

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) is a private trade organization representing the seventy state medical and osteopathic boards of the US and its territories. Whatever the FSMB suggests in terms of medical care policies are often adopted by the state medical boards, yet it has no public funding, transparency, or accountability.

The organization is also extremely hostile to integrative medicine, calling it “quackery.” Because of this, the FSMB has consistently defined “standard of care” as excluding integrative medicine, and so many state medical boards follow suit. The FSMB receives a great deal of money from the pharmaceutical industry, and supports the use of addictive opioid drugs to treat long-term pain.

The Senate Finance Committee has launched an investigation into the close ties between pharmaceutical companies and the FSMB. Please contact your local state medical board and demand information about its relationship with the FSMB!

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