Pennsylvania Residents, Tell Your Legislators to Restore Your Doctor's Freedom of Speech!

A Pennsylvania law signed earlier this year allows physicians to access information about the proprietary chemicals being used in fracking if they believe their patient may be ill from said chemicals. But they must sign a confidentiality agreement that they won’t tell anyone else—not you their patients, and not even other doctors—what’s in those formulas. It's being called the “doctor gag rule.”

The Pennsylvania gag rule is strikingly similar to a law in Colorado—which also influenced laws in Texas and Ohio. In Colorado there was near silence on the issue. The Texas Medical Association actually endorsed the doctor gag rule!

A new bill has been introduced in Pennsylvania that would remove the gag rule. HB 2415 allows the health professional to disclose information on the chemicals to anyone she or he determines is necessary for the patient’s diagnosis or treatment—whether that be another health professional, the patient, or a public health official.

Please contact your legislators immediately and voice your support for HB 2415.

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