Don't Let Them Gut the USDA Approval Process!

A dangerous set of riders in the House Farm Bill would create serious risks to farmers, the environment, and public health by forcing the rushed commercialization of genetically engineered crops. It would also eliminate all meaningful review of the effect they might have on our environment or our health.

These riders establish unworkable deadlines and backdoor approvals—if the crops aren’t reviewed and approved within an absurdly short time, they would default to immediate approval and commercialization. They also would bar all analysis of the impact of GMOs from any agency other than the USDA, and even then any environmental analysis won’t have an affect on the approval decision.

This makes a mockery of USDA’s GMO crop reviews. Contact the House Ag Committee leadership today and tell them you won’t stand for it!

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Sections 1001110014 of the House Agriculture Committee's discussion draft of the 2012 Farm Bill

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