Tell USDA to Keep Raw, Organic Almonds Truly Raw!

ANH-USA has filed an Amicus Curiae brief to the US Court of Appeals, which is deciding a lawsuit between almond ranchers and the USDA. The plaintiffs are seeking to reverse the "almond rule," instituted after some salmonella outbreaks, requiring that all almonds be sterilized using one of five methods.

Only two methods can be used to sterilize raw almonds: steam heat, which causes a marked reduction in nutrient content and partially cooks the nuts, or the application of propylene oxide (PPO). PPO is a dangerously volatile liquid and a known carcinogen.

Please contact USDA Secretary Thomas Vilsack and ask him to put a hold on the almond rule at least until they open it up to public hearing and comment, and ask that organic almonds be exempted since their processing plants have higher quality controls and there have been no salmonella outbreaks in connection to organic almonds.


  • Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack


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Subject: USDA Rule Concerning the Pasteurization of Almonds

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