Tell USDA's AC21 Committee that GMOs are not "Safe"!

ANH-USA recently attended the USDA’s Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture (AC21) meeting. The committee’s draft report favors a policy of “coexistence” between GMO and non-GMO crops.

The committee discussed whether there should be compensation mechanisms to address economic losses by farmers where the value of their crops was reduced “by the unintended presence of GE materials.” The draft report is strongly leaning toward recommending an insurance program that non-GE farmers have to buy into that would compensate them in case their crops were contaminated by GE materials, with no liability being laid at the door of GMO farmers.

The AC21 is now accepting public comments on the draft report. Please contact USDA immediately and tell them their “coexistence” premise is wrong—GE crops are not safe, and should be banned altogether—but if GE and non-GE crops must coexist, then it is the GE farmers who should be personally responsible for contamination of non-GE crops! Otherwise they will have zero incentive to limit contamination. Please take action today—a new draft will be circulated in just a few weeks, so these comments need to be considered right away!


  • Dr. Michael Schechtman, Designated Federal Official, Office of the Deputy Secretary


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