Keep Synthetics Out of Organic Baby Food!

When the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meetsOctober 15–18, 2012, it will consider whether to include eight syntheticsubstances on the approved list for Certified Organic foods. The manufacturerof "organic" baby formula is lobbying for their inclusion even though there areorganic alternatives, they are not nutritionally necessary, and they might bedifficult for the infant's body to process.

The NOSB will also be considering allowing geneticallymodified vaccines on organic livestock. While the practice is currentlyillegal, some organic farmers are doing it anyway. The National Organic Programneeds to take its oversight job seriously and prevent GMOs from ever being usedin organic food!

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  • Barry Flamm, Chair, NOSB
  • Miles McEvoy, Deputy Administrator, National Organic Program


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