Michigan Residents: Rescind the Invasive Species Order!

On April 1, 2012, an Invasive Species Order (ISO) that Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issued in 2010 went into effect. The ISO prohibits the possession of various breeds of swine; DNR claims that the order will “help stop the spread of feral swine and the disease risk they pose,” not to mention their “potential for extensive agricultural and ecosystem damage.”

But instead of using a commonsense definition of “feral swine,” the order’s incredibly broad definition makes heritage breed hogs, even those raised on small farms, into prohibited swine. The ISO allows DNR to seize and destroy heritage breeds of pigs raised by Michigan farmers, and many hogs have already been needlessly killed due to the ISO. Possession of prohibited swine after April 1 is a felony with penalties of up to two years in jail and $20,000 in fines per violation (that is, per pig). Hog owners are left with the choice of either losing their property without compensation or becoming felons.

Please ask the governor to rescind the feral swine ISO.

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