Tell the International Trade Commission How Important Compounded 17P Is to Women!

KV Pharmaceutical manufactures Makena, a form of progesterone prescribed for women with high-risk pregnancies to help prevent pre-term births. Compounding pharmacies have been making a safer and far less expensive version of the medicine for over a decade. Now KV has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) in an attempt to stop the supply of the ingredients for the compounded version. Since the entire supply of its active ingredient is imported, this move would effectively keep compounding pharmacies from making and selling this important medicine—and would completely eliminate the competition.

One of the biggest factors is cost—Makena costs $30,000 per pregnancy, while the compounded version costs only $200 per pregnancy. Eliminating the compounded version would make the drug cost prohibitive for many, many women. On top of that, the commercial drug contains the toxic preservative benzyl alcohol, which has been linked to “gasping syndrome” in infants and, according to the CDC, has caused six neonatal deaths. Doctors can prescribe a compounded version of 17P without the benzyl alcohol, but if the ingredients are banned to compounders, only the version with the benzyl alcohol is left.

Tell the ITC it is vital that compounding pharmacies be allowed to continue importing the active ingredients for 17P. The comment period ends this Friday, so please send your message today!

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