Tell Congressman Markey His New FDA Legislation is Unnecessary and Burdensome!

Hard on the heels of the tragic meningitis outbreak stemming from unsanitary procedures at the New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts, and despite his statements to those involved that he would hold off and work with others, Congressman. Ed Markey (D-MA) is now considering introducing legislation to give FDA greater enforcement powers over compounders. Compounding pharmacies are already regulated through state pharmacy boards, so this move would usurp state authority.

Congressman Markey’s bill would empower FDA to create a list of drugs that cannot be compounded—and FDA would have sole discretion on which drugs get on the list. The bill limits compounding to a per-patient prescription basis, eliminating important “office use” compounding by physicians. More to the point, none of this is necessary. FDA can already move against compounding pharmacies that engage in illegal or harmful activities, and giving FDA greater authority won’t address the agency’s lack of resources and its inability to carry out its current mandate.


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