Tell Congress: Don't Throw Charities Under the Bus!

62% of hospitals are nonprofit organizations, as are 30% of nursing homes. The model medical clinics that President Obama points to are nonprofit.

The president has proposed a sharp reduction in the ability of single people with incomes over $200,000 or families with incomes over $250,000 to take a tax deduction on gifts to charities, including medical charities. This reduction in the charitable deduction would be on top of another reduction (the “Pease limitation”) that was already scheduled to come back with the end of the Bush tax cuts.

Mitt Romney, late in his campaign, proposed something similar, and other Republicans seem to be going along. If tax deductions to charities are curtailed, nonprofit institutions will suffer greatly—and they will be unable to serve the public at a time when their services are in greater demand.

“Taxing” major donors’ gifts would not even produce that much revenue for the government, and charities would be expected to lose at least $54 billion. How will low-wage earners benefit if they have “coverage” but don’t even have a hospital emergency room to go to?

Please tell your representative not to curtail tax deductions for charitable donations!


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