Ask Your Senators to Oppose the Biotech Rider in the Fiscal Cliff Funding Package!

Congress and the president are in discussions on a draft version of a “fiscal cliff” funding package. At least one of two dangerous GMO riders from the biotech industry is likely to be included in the funding package language.

The provision would force USDA to grant temporary permits to plant and cultivate GE crops even if a federal court rules that USDA hadn’t adequately considered the environmental or economic risks to farmers. This would negate any meaningful judicial review of USDA’s decisions to allow commercialization of GE crops. This provision would override any court-mandated caution and allow continued planting and commercialization while further review takes place. Further, it creates loophole approvals tailored to counter any “inconvenient” court decisions for the industry. It is also completely unnecessary and serves only to offer “assurance” to biotech companies like Monsanto, not farmers.

Please contact your senators immediately and ask them to oppose the biotech rider if the language finds its way in the fiscal package.


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