Tell FDA to Focus on the REAL Food Safety Problems!

The US Food and Drug Administration has proposed two new rules in response to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). One of them sets up burdensome new recordkeeping standards for raw agricultural commodities, but completely exempts farmers and producers who irradiate their food. It also exempts meat slaughtering plants (one of the greatest sources of microbiological contamination), as well as chemical contamination from pesticides and cleaning compounds.

The second rule gives the FDA more power by requiring (instead of suggesting, as before) facilities to maintain a written food safety plan, do a hazard analysis, and establish risk-based preventative controls—very similar to the approaches used in Codex standards.

Tell the FDA that their food safety approach is wrong. Ask them to address the real dangers of our food system: CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), unsafe industrial farming practices, reliance on genetically modified foods, and pesticide, herbicide, and antibiotic overuse.


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