Tell FDA to Halt Approval of Frankenfish!

The US Food and Drug Administration has released an Environmental Assessment (EA) of a controversial genetically engineered salmon. This assessment stated that the genetically engineered salmon would have “no significant impact” on the US environment—thus pushing the fish one step closer to approval.

Because an EA looks only at the impact the salmon might have on the US environment, even though it is created in Canada and raised in Panama, a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is necessary, because it would take into account environmental impacts beyond US borders. On top of that, the EA deliberately left out important information, such as the Infectious Salmon Anemia that has been afflicting this salmon and neighboring fish stocks, and the fact that 5% of the salmon are not sterile and therefore may interbreed with wild salmon populations.

Tell FDA to conduct a more rigorous review of environmental and health safety, and halt any approval process until concerns over risks, transparency, and oversight have been fully satisfied. Explain the safety concerns with GMO foods in general and this “Frankenfish” in particular.


  • Stephen Ostroff


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EA and FOSNI for Docket No. FDA-2011-N-0899

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