Tell AAP to Reveal Their Donors!

Fourteen years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), together with the US Public Health Service, jointly recommended that thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that contains mercury, should be removed from vaccines—and FDA complied except for the flu shot. Now the AAP has reversed itself and says it wants the mercury left in. This could shift the FDA’s stance on the issue, and might even bring back thimerosal into other US vaccines.

We fear that this decision, like AAP’s other recent decisions supporting giving the HPV vaccine to boys, advocating cholesterol screening (and thus cholesterol drugs) to kids, and recommending sweetened sports drinks for children, were influenced not by the needs of children, but by the funding needs of the organization.

Contact the AAP and ask them to reveal the names of all their donors—particularly the drug companies, vaccine manufacturers, and junk food companies—together with the amount of each contribution and which program area it was for.


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