Tell the FDA that Gluten and GMOs Are Allergenic Too!

The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) required that food labels state clearly when any of eight “major food allergens” are present in the product. Congress instructed FDA to determine threshold levels of allergens that must be labeled, and also required threshold levels for gluten. FDA is working on the labeling thresholds for the eight major allergens, but is ignoring the gluten issue, even though gluten creates an allergenic response in up to 100 million Americans and damages their health.

In addition, studies show that genetically modified soybeans can cause an allergenic response. Allergies have already skyrocketed in the US, and with the introduction of GE soy in the UK, soy-related allergies rose to 50%. GMOs also cause immune system dysregulation, with changes in the number of immune response cells showing up in the gut, spleen, and blood of mice—all of which points to an allergenic and inflammatory response to GMOs. At minimum, GMO versions of the “big eight allergens” need to be considered when setting threshold levels because triggering levels are lower for GMO foods.

FDA is asking for comments on establishing thresholds for food allergens for labeling purposes and enforcement action. Tell FDA to broaden their scope and look at gluten in addition to the so-called “major” food allergens and consider IgA and IgG allergenic responses in addition to the more dramatic IgE responses. Also tell them the threshold level for GMO might be different than for conventional versions and needs to be considered when setting the thresholds.


  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


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