Tell Virginia Legislators to Support Vaccine Free Choice!

A number of bills before the legislature must be approved. HB 2268 also provides for religious exemption to vaccines required during declared emergency or epidemic. HB 2242 prohibits the state from requiring any person to undergo vaccination for COVID-19 and prohibits discrimination based on a person's vaccination status with respect to any COVID-19 vaccine. HB 2336 prohibits any public or private entity from requiring a person to submit to a vaccine that is not an FDA-approved vaccine.

There will be incredible pressure to make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory. Virginians need options available to them to opt out of vaccination, given the pace at which a vaccine has been pushed through approval with unknown safety ramifications.

Write to your elected officials and urge them to support HB 2268, HB 2242, and HB 2336.

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