Tell Legislators to Honor Free Speech about CAFOs in Nebraska

Under LB204, if a person makes a "false statement" in an employment agreement with the intention of doing an animal facility “economic harm” or doing “serious bodily injury” to someone, criminal violations kick in. If the economic damages are more than $100,000, or there is serious bodily injury, felony charges can be brought. A more serious felony can be brought if economic damages exceed $1 million or if the violation involves the death of another individuals.

It’s clear the only reason for this legislation is to keep the public from seeing the shocking conditions that exist on CAFOs. If passed into law, this bill will protect large factory farms by making undercover investigations into animal care illegal.

Those who report and expose cruelty to animals would risk huge fines. Tell your legislator that photographing CAFOs is protected speech under the First Amendment, and if farmers don’t want their dirty laundry aired, they should simply make their farms sanitary and treat their animals humanely. Rather than stop cruel treatment of animals, this bill will simply ensure that the public never
learns about it.

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