Tell the National Organic Standards Board to Keep Organic Foods Pure!

The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) will hold its spring board meeting in April. The board reviews all synthetic and non-organic materials proposed by Big Farma before they can be used in organic farming or food production.

For thirty days before each meeting, the public is supposed to be invited to scrutinize and comment on the topics that will come up at the NOSB meetings—a wide range of issues that significantly affect organic standards—but they failed to send out any public announcement about the thirty-day comment period, not even in their own e-newsletter.

Public comment is vital to keep the NOSB accountable in face of an increasingly cozy relationship between NOSB and Big Farma, and a serious dilution of organic standards. Please send them your comments about this meeting’s agenda, and let your voice be heard!

Please personalize and add your own comments if you have time!


  • National Organic Standards Board, USDA


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