Tell FDA to Keep Labeling Artificial Sweeteners on Milk in School Lunches!

The dairy lobby is petitioning the FDA to remove any reference to non-nutritive sweeteners, mainly aspartame, from milk labels in school lunches. They claim—in one of the most spectacular failures of logic we’ve ever seen—that not labeling the milk “promotes honesty and fair-dealing in the interest of consumers.”

Sadly, non-nutritive sweeteners are already allowed and included in the flavored milk used in school lunch programs. Labeling is important for children (and parents), who have a right to choose milk without aspartame or other non-nutritive sweeteners—chemicals which have no place in school lunch program in the first place. By removing this labeling requirement, consumers won’t know the difference between artificially flavored milk and regular milk—and we’d be denied the right to choose milk that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners and flavorings.

Tell FDA to keep indicating the presence of non-nutritive sweeteners on the labels of school lunch milk cartons.

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  • Stephen Ostroff


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