Tell New York Legislators to Oppose These Dangerous Anti-Supplement Bills!

The New York state legislature is considering two new bills that could have a devastating effect on supplements.

The first bill (S.3650 and A.4700) will establish a Dietary Supplement Safety Committee that would create a system for adverse event reports; assess data and make recommendations to ban whichever nutritional supplements it deemed harmful; and establish a public health education campaign on dietary supplements. Most dangerous of all, the health commissioner would have the ability to ban supplements as recommended by committee.

The second bill (SB.4151) would require that sport supplement manufacturers and distributors give every customer a pamphlet that discloses whether the product has been banned by certain sports leagues and anti-doping agencies, and it would also ban all sports supplements from being sold to people under age 18—but the bill excludes supplements in liquid form, as well as supplements containing caffeine like the five-hour energy drinks, which are the ones responsible for much of the controversy over supplements in the first place!

Both bills are badly written and extremely biased against nutritional supplements. Ask your state senators and assemblypersons to oppose them.

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