Tell USDA We Won't Stand for GMO Freeze-Resistant Eucalyptus!

ArborGen Inc. has petitioned APHIS, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the USDA, to freely use and distribute freeze-tolerant eucalyptus trees. These trees have been genetically engineered to be more tolerant of cold conditions, which would allow them to be grown in a broader geographic area than non-GE eucalyptus trees. They are asking for public comments on whether these GE eucalyptus lines are likely to pose a plant pest risk. 

Eucalyptus trees are the fastest growing source of hardwood fiber and are used for the production of high-quality pulp and paper. The GMO version would let the trees be planted to a much wider extent. Eucalyptus trees inhibit the growth of native vegetation. In Brazil, these plantations are called Green Deserts because nothing can grow in them. 

Ask the USDA to deny ArborGen’s petition.

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