Tell the Senate HELP Committee: "Protect My Access to Compounded Medications!"

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) has released draft legislation that would give the FDA broad authority to remove compounded medications from the market in one of two ways: either by putting bulk ingredients on a list of “banned” compounded drugs, or by redefining compounded variations of approved drugs as illegal “copies.”

The way the bill is written, a compounded medication—like the low-cost pregnancy medicine 17P (a version of KV Pharmaceutical’s hugely expensive drug Makena), or a compounded version of Genentech’s cancer treatment drug Avastin, or bioidentical estriol that can be used instead of Pfizer’s dangerous Prempro—would likely be banned. The bill could also ban time-release versions of some medications, as well as some veterinary drugs.

Ask the committee members to strike the extreme language in this bill that has nothing whatsoever to do with safety.


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