Tell Congress to Keep Your Private Medical Information Truly Private!

Under HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), medical records are supposed to be kept private and any patient information that is shared is supposed to be stripped of key identifying information (this is known as the Safe Harbor rule). However, HIPAA has a big loophole: state public health agencies are exempt from Safe Harbor rules when they sell private medical records as part of a health database. When this medical data is cross-referenced with other public information (such as news reports and other databases), it can reveal a person’s identity.

Private medical records are being sold to pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and even major websites like WebMD. This will make more people reluctant to seek medical care: patients rely on doctor-patient confidentiality, and that sacred trust is meaningless if their information is sold to the highest bidder.

Ask your legislators to amend HIPAA to allow patients to opt out—to keep their medical information from being sold or shared with any entity that is not currently giving the patient medical treatment.

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