Tell Congress to Stop the AMA's Price-Fixing Scheme!

A committee of the American Medical Association decides how much Medicare should reimburse them and their colleagues for their services and medical procedures. This is done by determining the “value” of a procedure using a methodology that dramatically over-calculates the time each service will take. The result is that specialists can fit anywhere from 16 to 50 procedure hours into a regular 8-hour day. They are thus receiving two to six times the amount of Medicare and insurance reimbursement permitted for any given outpatient surgical procedure. Why is this done? Presumably to make doctor’s fees paid by Medicare appear smaller than they really are.

AMA price fixing is one of the reasons the healthcare system is bankrupting all of us. Medicare itself will be insolvent by 2026. Contact your representative in the House and ask him or her to end the AMA monopoly on pricing within the Medicare system. Explain that the bill currently before the Energy and Commerce Committee will not fix the situation. Tell Congress that the AMA’s price-fixing system must be done away with, and that any recommendations the AMA makes regarding the value of services must be must be just that—recommendations—and must be transparent and open to the public.

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Please End the AMA Monopoly on Pricing within the Medicare System!

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