Tell Congress to Save the Honeybees!

Since 2006, up to 40% of the bee colonies in the US have suffered Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), in which honeybees die, disoriented, far from their hives. The honeybee pollinates a third of all the food we eat and contributes an estimated $15 billion in annual agriculture revenue to the US economy alone. Fresh fruits and vegetables, in particular, would simply not exist without honeybees.

A European study has definitively linked CCD to neonicotinoid pesticides. At least 143 million of the 442 million acres—that is, nearly one-third—of US cropland is planted with crops treated with these neonicotinoids: 100% of corn and canola, 65% of soybeans, and almost all cotton, wheat, and smaller acreage crops.

The EPA is now requiring a label on the pesticides to warn users of the risk to bees, but that’s not enough. A new bill has been introduced in Congress, HR 2692, known as “The Saving America’s Pollinators Act of 2013.” It would suspend the use of neonicotinoids until the EPA can prove that the insecticide “will not cause unreasonable adverse effects on pollinators.” This proof of safety would need to be in the form of published scientific research together with a completed field study.

Please ask your representative to vote YES on HR 2692.

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