Make Congress Listen to the American Public--Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act PERMANENTLY!

Last March, the “Monsanto Protection Act” was inserted at the last minute into a must-pass funding bill to keep the government running through the use of a Continuing Resolution (CR). The so-called Farmer Assurance Provision strips federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of potentially hazardous genetically engineered crops even while USDA is performing an environmental impact statement. It completely overrides judicial safeguards that protect both farmers and the public.

The emergency funding period (and with it, this provision) ends September 30, but since the government has been unable to pass a full-scale appropriations bill, Congress will try to extend the CR before total government shutdown. The provision’s language has already appeared in the House Appropriations CR that was nearly voted upon last week, but because it’s so controversial and Congress is afraid of citizen backlash, that bill still sitting in the House—waiting for the right opportunity to be pushed through.

Tell Congress to oppose the Monsanto Protection Act, no matter what bill it’s in! Warn them that if they don’t, they’ll have a media and grassroots firestorm on their hands once again.

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