Tell the National Organic Standards Board to Stick by Their Commitment to Prohibit Streptomycin in Organic Apples and Pears

The National Organic Standards Board voted to prohibit antibiotics after October 2014. But growers have now petitioned NOSB for more time, so NOSB may delay the sunset date until 2016, unnecessarily exposing both orchards and consumers to streptomycin for at least two additional years. Unnecessary antibiotics contribute to antibiotic-resistant diseases, which are now an urgent public health issue, and antibiotics are not consistent with the principles of organic farming.

Public comment is vital to keep the NOSB accountable in the face of an increasingly cozy relationship between NOSB and Big Farma, and a serious dilution of organic standards. Tell the NOSB that you want to enjoy antibiotic-free organic apples and pears like the Canadians and Europeans do. Ask them to keep organic apples and pears truly organic!

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