Tell the FDA to Implement its Trans Fat Ban Immediately!

The FDA has proposed a rule to ban the major source of trans fats in processed food—partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs)—which are created via the process of adding hydrogen to vegetable oils in order to make them semi-solid.

The timing and intent of the FDA’s rule is suspect for two reasons. First, it was announced only after most companies had already eliminated trans fat—it’s currently only in a handful of foods. Second, the ban will promote market demand for two new GMO soybeans by Monsanto and DuPont, which are engineered for trans fat free oils. Essentially, the FDA released the PHO ban at a politically perfect point: when it would no longer anger Big Food, but would be of tremendous benefit to Big Biotech’s and Big Food’s newly deregulated products.

The FDA is soliciting comments on its proposed ban on PHOs. Please send your message to the FDA today, and ask them to ban PHOs immediately. That would put a monkey wrench in what seems to be the plan, because the toxic GMO oils wouldn’t be available yet.

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