Tell the FDA to Reject Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos!

The FDA has started holding public meetings on the genetic manipulation of human eggs and embryos to prevent inherited mitochondrial disease and treat infertility. The GMO techniques under consideration include manipulation at the mitochondrial level to replace or augment mutant rDNA.

While the FDA has stated that the agency “recognizes” that there are “ethical and social policy issues” to be considered—and despite the fact that forty-four countries have already banned this kind of genetic manipulation—the FDA won’t bother to discuss if human clinical trials should take place (that’s considered to be “outside the scope” of the meeting). Instead, they’ll merely outline how such trials should be conducted.

In keeping with our “favor nature” philosophy, ANH-USA believes this is a dangerous potentially tragic road to go down. Please write to the FDA and tell them to reject the genetic manipulation of human embryos altogether.

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Please Reject Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos!

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