Tell FDA Not to Put Americans at Risk for Big Pharma's Monopoly!

On page 69 of their 109-page guidance on the revision of nutrition and supplement labels, FDA slipped in two little paragraphs that could put the health of millions of Americans who need folate, especially pregnant women, at risk.

According to the guidance, the word “folate” will be banned from “supplement fact” labels—only the term “folic acid” will be allowed.

We’re not splitting hairs—“folate” versus “folic acid” isn’t semantics, but potentially a matter of life and death. Folate is the natural form, and the only form our bodies can use. Folic acid is a synthetic which must be converted to folate by our liver. It’s estimated that up to 30% to 40% of the population can’t efficiently convert folic acid into bioavailable folate. Too much unconverted folic acid could itself represent a cancer risk This refers to large amounts of folic acid, larger than in current supplements, but more research is needed to account for individual differences. This isn’t the first time that the FDA has stolen a natural B vitamin and given it to drug companies.

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  • Stephen Ostroff


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