Tell the FDA to Warn Expecting Mothers about Dangers of Acetaminophen

A study in JAMA Pediatrics found that the children of women who took acetaminophen while pregnant had a 30% increased risk of ADHD during the first seven years of life, as well as a 37% increased risk of hyperkinetic disorder (HKD), a severe form of ADHD. The more acetaminophen used during pregnancy, the higher the child’s risk of ADHD-related problems.

Although acetaminophen has no FDA classification for use in pregnant women, it is the go-to over-the-counter painkiller recommended for expectant mothers. Given the link between acetaminophen and ADHD, this drug should be classified as Category D (there is evidence of fetal risk, but it may still be recommended in urgent cases). Ask the FDA to warn expecting mothers about the dangers of acetaminophen.

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  • Stephen Ostroff


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Tell the FDA to Warn Expecting Mothers about the Dangers of Acetaminophen!

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