Tell the FDA to Ban Phthalates in Drugs!

Phthalates are synthetic chemicals used as a plasticizer in coated, extended-release drugs. They are proven, in extensive laboratory studies on rodents, to decrease sperm counts, reduce fertility in both males and females, and cause testicular atrophy, birth defects (including skeletal malformation and cleft palate), “small or absent reproductive organs,” developmental delays, and miscarriages.

The FDA admitted as much in a 2012 guidance for industry, in which they politely asked drug companies to stop using phthalates. Two years later, these dangerous chemicals are still in widespread use. ANH-USA has submitted a legal petition to the FDA, asking them to ban phthalates altogether because the voluntary approach has not worked.

Tell the FDA to stop playing nice with Big Pharma and ban phthalates outright!

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  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


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