Tell NIH to Fund Intravenous Vitamin C Studies!

Scientists are just beginning to realize that they might not even have the full story about how antibiotics work. One leading theory is that antibiotics create a pro-oxidant effect. If this proves to be true, there may be a role for intravenous vitamin C to help make treatments more effective against antibiotic-resistant drugs.

ANH-USA board member Dr. Jeanne Drisko agrees, but notes the lack of government funding available for research:

We know from many years of use of IV vitamin C (from 1940s onward) that there is definitely a killing of viruses and bacteria. This is a common tool in integrative doctors’ arsenals for infected patients. It was not until recently that my colleagues, Mark Levine and Qi Chen, showed that injected vitamin C forms hydrogen peroxide in the extracellular space, which explains the killing role. We do think it could be helpful for super infections.

We still cannot get NIH to fund any of our IV C proposals and remain dependent on private foundations, which do not have the same cache. But we keep going forward.

Please write to NIH and ask its National Cancer Institute to fund human trials on IV-C.

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  • Dr. Francis Collins
  • Dr. Anthony S. Fauci
  • Dr. Harold Varmus


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