New York Residents: Keep Your Supplements Free of Deceptive Labeling

New York state senator Kenneth LaValle once again has introduced legislation attacking nutritional supplements. This time he wants to subject supplements to misleading labeling requirements.

Sen. LaValle’s bill would make it mandatory for dietary supplements sold in New York to state whether or not the product has been tested by the FDA. But the FDA doesn’t test any products whatsoever (not even drugs), and supplements are already rigorously regulated by the FDA and FTC!

This proposed labeling requirement will be tremendously confusing to consumers and will have zero informative value. It will also place an unnecessary burden on supplement makers.

Over the years, Sen. LaValle has introduced many pieces of legislation attacking supplements, nutrition professionals, and natural health. Action Alert! Please write the senator immediately and ask him to stop attacking supplements and hurting consumers. Send your message today!


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State Assembly Bill S00015

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