Tell Congress to Amend the 21st Century Cures Bill BEFORE It's Introduced!

The “21st Century Cures” bill, soon to be introduced in Congress, is massive. The language of the bill needs amending, and now is the best time for that to happen. This bill is expected to move quickly, so it is essential that we express all of our concerns now.

We have many concerns about this bill. Certainly any legislation that expects to address 21st century medicine needs to include meaningful access to education, food, exercise, supplements, and other natural health lifestyle factors. The bill should represent some innovating thinking about a nutritional approach to chronic diseases, including investigating some of the systemic environmental factors causing health problems—all of which are completely missing from this bill. But we have numerous other concerns that we discuss below.

Write your senators and representative, explain your problems with the bill, and ask them to amend it before it’s introduced.

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