Help Us Protect Freedom of Vaccine Choice in Missouri!

The Missouri legislature is considering a number of bills that need support. HB 37 would add a conscientious belief exemption to vaccination and remove ability of Department of Health to modify or add vaccine requirements, among other changes. HB 35 prohibits requiring under state law or rule, or by municipality or county, any additional vaccines for public school, public institution of higher education, or public daycare center that are not currently required by state law. HB 556 removes restrictions on school vaccine exemptions and protects employees and students from discrimination. HB 838 prohibits any state department or agency from requiring a public employee to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

These are important steps towards vaccine choice in the state.

Write to the Missouri legislature and tell them to support these important bills!

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Please support HB 37, HB 35, HB 556, and HB 838

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