Tell the FDA to Remove the Monograph for Oxybenzone!

The National Institutes of Health has determined that sunscreen chemicals which filter out ultraviolet rays may impair male fertility. There are twenty-nine “benzophenone-type UV filtering chemicals” in personal care products that protect skin and hair from sun damage. Researchers found that men with high exposure to two chemicals in particular had a 30% reduction in their ability to reproduce.

To avoid the lengthy and expensive new drug approval process, sunscreen ingredients are governed by monograph (a written standard for active ingredients). If a monograph has been issued for a product, all a company has to do is show that it has met the standards of that monograph to be allowed on the market. One of the monographs the FDA approved in 1999 is for oxybenzone, which breaks down to 4-OH-BP, one of the two chemicals that cause infertility.

Ask the FDA to remove the monograph for oxybenzone. It’s a dangerous chemical and should immediately be banned from sunscreens. Also ask the FDA to speed up its review of proposed new ingredients. Their long delays in reviews make consumers less safe.

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  • Stephen Ostroff


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Please Remove the Monograph for Oxybenzone

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