Tell the Patent and Trademark Office to Keep Natural Substances from Being Patented!

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are trying to get the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to change patent law about natural substances. After a 2013 Supreme Court decision, the biotech industry in particular advocated a less restrictive approach to patenting natural substances, and it appears that the USPTO is bowing to industry pressure, because the agency is considering a new framework to determine the patentability of products of nature.

The change in rules would clearly open up new pathways for Big Pharma and biotech firms to patent natural substances. Drug companies will once again try to monopolize previously affordable substances (like bioidentical estriol and 17P) and then jack up the price, and essentially “steal” natural supplements, as they did with pyridoxamine. Another drug company is looking to snatch up P5P (pyridoxal-5’-phosphate), another natural form of vitamin B6. Their attempt has been unsuccessful—so far. If patent laws are weakened, we can expect an increase in efforts by Big Pharma to gain exclusive rights over natural supplements.

Tell USPTO to keep restrictions in place that prevent natural substances from being patented. Please send your message immediately—public comments close on March 16.

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  • Acting Director, USPTO Michelle K. Lee


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Keep Natural Substances from Being Patented!

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