Tell Congress to Reject Federal Vaccine Mandates for Head Start!

A new bill, expected to be introduced in Congress this week, would require that all children in Head Start programs be fully vaccinated unless medical reasons exempt them. The bill, “A Head Start on Vaccinations Act,” would give parents three months to get their kids vaccinated and follow the CDC’s recommended schedule, which includes a total of thirty-four potentially dangerous shots for fourteen different diseases before the age of six.

While we’ve seen numerous attempts at the state level to eliminate or restrict religious, philosophical, and personal belief exemptions, and to mandate vaccinations for children who attend public schools, this is one of the first attempts by the federal government to get involved in mandating vaccinations—even if it means usurping powers traditionally reserved to the states.

Tell Congress it’s irresponsible and inappropriate for the federal government to get involved in vaccine mandates. Even more caution is warranted with minority children, who based on what little information has been released need to be the subject of more vaccine-related research. If passed, this bill sets a dangerous precedent on how we treat the millions of Americans who participate in federally funded programs.

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