Tell Google Not to Game the System Against Natural Health!

Currently, Google’s search engine uses the number of incoming links to a page to determine where it appears in a search. Now, the company is working on a new ranking system based on “truthfulness.” A site with more “incorrect” facts would rank lower than a site that is deemed more credible or trustworthy. It does this by tapping into its Knowledge Vault, a database of “facts” that Google has pulled off the Internet. If a significant majority of Internet sites agree on a statement, it is considered a reasonable proxy for the truth. Pages that contain contradictory information are bumped down the rankings—which means that anything “alternative” will, by definition, be ranked lower.

This could affect all kinds of issues—from GMO labeling, and integrative approaches to medicine and supplement use, to any stance that challenges mainstream orthodoxies, even when the challenge is thoroughly grounded in the most recent or the most solid science. Write to Google and explain how its Knowledge Vault will inadvertently censor research and approaches that are at variance with the mainstream.


  • Co-founder and Director of Google X and Special Projects Sergey Brin
  • Co-founder and CEO Larry Page


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Please Don't Let Google's Search Engine Be Biased Against Natural Health!

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