Tell Senators to Protect Consumer Access to Quality Supplements!

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who recently used a poorly designed—and now completely discredited—test to challenge some herbal supplements, has now sent a letter co-signed by thirteen other AGs asking a Senate committee to “launch a comprehensive congressional inquiry in the herbal supplement industry.”

However, current law tightly regulates the supplement industry, and current Good Manufacturing Practices already cover the lion’s share of what the AG’s letter is asking for. What Mr. Schneiderman and the other AGs really seem to be after—as evidenced by their use of specific language like “safety and efficacy”—is a regulatory regime that would subject supplements to the same pre-approval process that pharmaceutical drugs must go through. This would result in between 22,240 and 41,700 safe and effective dietary supplements being taken off the market.

Tell congressional leaders to protect your supplements, and to ask Mr. Schneiderman some very pointed questions that he has so far refused to answer!


  • Senator Richard Blumenthal
  • Representative Gene Green
  • Senator Jerry Moran
  • Representative Joseph Pitts


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