Urge Your Congressperson to Co-sponsor the Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act!

Current law allows individual patients to apply for access to experimental treatments outside of a drug trial if they have a serious or life-threatening disease or condition; have no other treatment options left; and can persuade a qualified physician to deliver the treatment. Under these circumstances, the FDA may, at the agency’s discretion, grant “compassionate use” of the new medication. But the program is marred by a prohibitively cumbersome application and documentation process, and the agency refuses access rather arbitrarily. It can even revoke permission after it has been granted.

Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) has recently reintroduced his Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act (HR 790). The bill eliminates the need for the FDA’s approval or even involvement, and streamlines physician and patient access to experimental drugs. It would ensure that dying patients and their families—who don’t have the time or the strength to do so—won’t have to wage fruitless bureaucratic wars.

Urge your congressional representative to co-sponsor Rep. Griffith’s Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act!

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Please Co-sponsor HR 790, the Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act!

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