Tell the FDA to Stop Censoring Scientific Info on Food Labels!

The FDA recently sent a warning letter to KIND, which makes fruit-and-nut bars. The letter contends that four of KIND’s products bear the claim on their labels that they are “healthy and tasty, convenient and wholesome” without meeting the federal definition of “healthy”—the bars exceed the required maximum of one gram of saturated fat per serving.

Scientists have now refuted the notion that saturated fat is bad for the heart, so this federal definition is based on outdated, discredited science. We are concerned that FDA is launching a renewed attack on food and supplement producers claiming any health benefits from their products, no matter how much supporting science there is. This isn’t the first time the FDA has tried to attack structure/function claims or qualified health claims. The agency has been trying for years to lump food, supplements, and drugs all into one category, to be subjected to the same regulations.

Write to the FDA and tell them to stop censoring truthful scientific information on food labels, and especially stop the kind of censorship based on junk science.

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  • Stephen Ostroff


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Please Stop Censoring Scientific Info on Food Labels!

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