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According to inside sources, (CL) approaches dietary supplement makers and asks them to enroll in its “voluntary” testing program—for a fee. Companies that pay the fee are guaranteed that if one of their products passes the testing under their Voluntary Certification Program, it gets listed on the site and may carry the CL Seal of Approval—and if it fails the testing, the product will not be identified publicly because the results are “proprietary to the manufacturer”! Companies that do not agree to pay for the voluntary certification program risk having their products tested anyway through the firm’s “product review program.” If they fail the test, those failures will be publicized on CL’s website and in the media. This stinks of extortion.

Unfortunately, our efforts to verify all the facts and get an explanation have not been answered. We sent a letter to CL a year ago, requesting that they address some of these issues, but to date have received no response. Write to your state’s attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and ask them to investigate the business practices of

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