Tell the National Vaccine Advisory Committee to Listen to Parents

The NVAC’s Vaccine Confidence Working Group has released a draft report that considers “how confidence in vaccines impacts the optimal use of recommended childhood vaccines in the United States.” It is clear from the first lines of that report that parents who disagree with the government’s recommended vaccination schedule need to be steamrolled, not reassured.

One of the proposals is to ramp up already existing pay-for-performance initiatives, which are financial incentives or mandates for physicians to achieve both “an immunizing standard within a practice” as well as “continued improvement in immunization coverage rates within a provider’s practice.” This sets up a glaring conflict of interest: doctors get more money if they hit a certain vaccination standard, or don’t get paid if they fail to hit it.

Dismissing reasonable concerns about vaccine safety and labeling parents concerned about their children as irrational, uneducated “nuts” serves only to marginalize the opposition, ensuring that nothing will be done to improve vaccine safety.

Submit your comment to NVAC and tell them that they need to listen to parents and be willing to make changes in vaccine ingredients and schedule. Informed consent is the basis for a sensible policy on vaccination—not bullying and public humiliation.

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Please Listen to Parents about Vaccines!

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