Tell Congress NOT to Repeal the COOL Law!

Since 2009, the meat industry has been forced to label beef and pork to indicate where it was born, raised, and processed—our country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law. Last week, the World Trade Organization ruled that COOL was discriminatory, and awarded damages to both Mexico and Canada.

Before the WTO made its final ruling, the House of Representatives buckled and voted to repeal the law, likely from the fear that the tariffs would hurt large beef and pork producers in their districts. Now, key members of the Senate are indicating that they too are in support of repealing COOL.

The COOL law, like mandatory GMO labeling, is overwhelmingly popular with the public. One poll found that 92% of Americans support COOL. Any decision to alter or remove COOL is to surrender to large industrial pork and beef producers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Write to your senators and urge them to oppose the repeal of COOL.

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Please Do NOT Repeal the COOL Law

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