California Residents: Tell Your Assembly Member to Stop SB 277!

The California State Senate has voted in favor of SB 277, a bill that would eliminate all personal belief exemptions to vaccination. Under this law, the only way for a child to attend public school without being vaccinated would be through a very difficult-to-get medical waiver. The bill is now before the state Assembly, where it will only need to go through one policy committee before getting a full floor vote.

Time is running out to stop SB 277. We must send a clear message to legislators in California, as well as all state legislatures that are considering removing exemptions to vaccines, that SB 277 will cause irreparable harm if it becomes law: it could embolden state and even federal legislators to advance legislation of their own.

Write to your state assembly member and tell him or her to vote NO on SB 277.

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Please Stop SB 277!

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